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David Rylak - Armourer

avatar-male-silhouette-mdAfter a life long interest in metalwork, David attended Rider College in Lawrenceville, NJ where he graduated with a BA in Philosophy. Such a degree being (of course) ideal preparation for a career as an armourer. Dave has worked doing automotive collision and restoration work as well as general metal fabrication.

He began Vulcans Forge Inc, in 2000, where he has been armouring full time since. In 2001, Dave took over Rough from the Hammer from Ronald Simmons.

A member of the Armour Research Society since it's inception, in June, 2006 he joined the ARS Board as its Director of Education. Dave has been a member of the SCA Where he is known as Master Cet Donegal (Order of the Laurel).

Dave loves armouring almost as much as he loves his wife and son. His clients however, love his work much more then they love their own families. It's true!